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Hello visitor! My name is Ercan, a PhD candidate at the University of Bristol. My main research area is investigating recommender systems in tourism and leisure planning along with applications in the health domain. My academic supervisor is Dr Ivan Palomares Carrascosa who is a great supporter of my work that blends a lot of experience both from his side and my side in the freshly established DSRS research group.

Digital devices have always been my toys since my childhood. Whenever I saw a problem with them, I spent hours to find a solution. This motivated me to become a Software Engineer to tackle up-to-date problems in both industry and academia. I worked for 3 years in the industry and now pursuing a career in academia.

My educational background includes two bachelor degrees(Computer Education and Instructional Technologies, a double major in Software Engineering) at the Bahçeşehir University, in Turkey. I spent 6 months at EPITA , Paris as an exchange student. Finally, I received an MSc in Adv Computer Science at the University of Essex before I started my PhD.

My Publications

Recent Publications

Ezin, E, Kim, E & Carrascosa, IP, 2018, ‘'Fitness that Fits': - A Prototype Model for Workout Video Recommendation’. in: 12th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (ACM-Recsys'18): International Workshop on Health Recommender Systems. Vancouver, Canada.

Ezin, E, Neve, J & Carrascosa, IP, 2018, Extended Abstract: ‘Group decision making with recommendations ‘in the loop’: application to trip planning through video watching’. in: International Workshop on Decision Making and Recommender Systems: DMRS 2018. Bolzano-Bozen, Italy.

...More to be added soon!...Latest update:20 Nov'18

Latest News


19 Dec'18 We visited Granada University and each member of our group gave a short seminar about our research background to a group of researcher including a pioneer in data science field, Prof Paco Herrera. Additionally, we visited the UJAMI Ambient Smart-Lab at University of Jean where Dr. Macarena Espinilla showcased some of their practical work with sensors.

17 Dec'18 DSRS group to visit Spain. Our Research Group is going to meet a pioneer in Group Decision Making in Granada for new collaboration opportunuties. We are planning to give a short talk about our background.

29/30 Nov'18We are pleased to attend DMRS workshop as complete DSRS Research Group members. This two-day event let us to explore latest development in Decision Saking and Recommender Systems along with comments/discussions from pioneers in this field. Looking forward to attend future ones.

24/25 Nov'18Great news from the lates event I participated. I have participated a two-days Hackhaton organised by ConnectingBristol and BBC Digital Cities Week. My team Eco Road Warriors has won the best application award and also won a prize in following Our Data Projects – Pitching and Commissioning Session event.

08 Oct'18 Me and my academic supervisor Dr. Ivan Palomares will visit Alan Turing Institute on 30th of October for orientation event. The event promise new networking opportunities with existing and new Turing Fellows.

23 Oct'18It is an honour to announce that my application for Bristol University Alumni Mobility Grant Award is evaluated positively and I have been granted Travel Award of 450£ for our visit in Italy.

03 Oct'18 A good news about our extended abstract paper sent to DMRS'18 event in Bolzano'Italy. We will be presenting our work in workshop with James Neve and Dr Ivan Palomares.

06 Oct'18 I will be presenting a workshop paper in RecSys'18 ceonference taking place in Canada,Vancouver. Come along if you are around on saturday.

Sep'18 We are finally announcing the publication of our DSRS group websitewebsite where we will be releasing up-to-date info about DSRS group members and projects. Please check it out.

Sep'18 Bristol University Computer Science office allocated me an HPT unit in the course of "EMAT10007- Intro to Programming" for the first semester.

Jul'18 I am glad to be granted a fee schoolarship worth 1000£ by the panel of Essex Big Data and Analytics Summer School(IADS). I will be participating a two-weeks IADS summer school between 23 July - 3 August 2018 at University of Essex where I did my masters.

12 Jul'18, Due to nature of my academic studies, Prof Peter Flach agreed to be my co-supervisor from now on. Please click here to see his personal page.

Jul'18, I am back on twitter!!! Please follow me on twitter! @ercan_ezin

May'18, I am happy to announce that I started my PhD at University of Bristol under the supervision of Dr. Ivan Palomares Carrascosa. I will be working on Tourism and Leisure Recommender Systems.


Educational BACKGROUND

Started: 21st of May'18

Expected award date: 21st of May'21

Academic Supervisor: Dr Ivan Palomares Carrascosa (Web)

Academic Co-Supervisor: Prof Peter Flach (Web)

Research topic:Recommender System in Tourism and Leisure Planning.

DSRS Group member: (Link)

Started: 06th of Oct'16

Award date: 04th of Oct'17

Supervisor: Prof Dr Riccardo Poli(Web) and Dr Caterina Cinel (Web)

Thesis topic:Feasibility study of Brain Computer Interface P300-based Speller with Sequential Stimulation



Work Experience

Etiya - Full Stack Developer 09/2014 - 02/2016

This is one of the big tech companies in Turkey that consists of around 500 employers in three local and two international branches. I was responsible to develop Java based solutions in Telaura framework with a team of 40 people in Agile Development style for the third biggest telecom company in Turkey called Turk Telekom Mobile.

Solid-ICT - Java EE Software Engineer 01/2014 - 09/2014

My role was in back-end solutions team. I was responsible to develop and support Java Web and back-end projects that use Spring Framework with dependencies such as Thymeleaf, Guava, and Apache Shiro.

Innova - Jr. CRM Consultant 06/2013 - 01/2014

I worked in Business Solutions Department where we were developing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for International Companies.

Mezun Group - PHP and Android Developer 08/2012 - 02/2013

The role of my team was to develope Affiliate module of Mezun Group and developed front-end and some back-end component of Mezun Call Android App.

Bahçeşehir University Corporate Communications Department 07/2009 - 10/2009

I worked as a student representative of the university within the main campus and also in a job career fair. Additionally, I worked in a call-center to phone thousands of student candidates to offer them the prospectus of the university.


activities & awards

Oct'18It is an honour to be granted Bristol University Alumni Travel Grant by Alumni comitee. The fund will be used during my trip to DMRS workshop in Italy, Bolzano. More detail above in News section.

Some pictures from the Alumni funded event I attendad in Italy.

24/25 Oct'18Great news from the lates event I participated. I have participated a two-days Hackhaton organised by ConnectingBristol and BBC Digital Cities Week. My team Eco Road Warriors has won the best application award and also won a prize in following Our Data Projects – Pitching and Commissioning Session event.

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